Buzz Coffee Morning 25th September 2019

Vicky and Krystal took us to St Andrew church hall for the Buzz coffee morning.  When we arrived, the lovely staff made us hot drinks and provided biscuits. We did lots of socialising and chatting together. One of the projects that was planned for today was an arts and crafts project, where we coloured in tree trunk shapes and then used buttons to glue onto look like flowers. Most of the residents enjoyed this and are keen to back and finish it next time.  When the staff found out that Nicole could speak fluent French, they brought in a lady called Kat from the office who has learnt French, so they had a lovely time of chatting together in French. I explained that Tricia can also speak French and read French newspapers and then Elsie joined in and said something in French, so Kat said that she would have to make French club up! What a fab idea! We are looking forward to the next one.