Latest Past Events

One to One Time and Therapy Cats – 24.03.2021

This morning we had in plan to play some games but most of us were very sleepy and wanted to have a nap after breakfast. So, we decided to take the therapy cats out and spend a bit of one-to-one time with everyone who wished. Jenny, Valerie and Susan were really happy to hold and […]

Walks in the Garden – 22.03.2021

This afternoon we had some lovely weather therefore we decided to take some walks in the garden and do a bit of sunbathing. Not everyone was in the mood to go out for a walk this evening. George, Olive, Valerie, Anne and Keith were happy to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and warm […]

Dressing up fun

This morning Helen brought out our big suitcase of scarves, hats and other accessories in the upstairs lounge. Many of us love having a rummage around to see what we can find that we like, and enjoy trying different things on for fun. If we were struggling, Helen helped us to chose something that suited […]