Showroom cinema 24th September 2019

Vicky and Betty took us to the Showroom Cinema for the monthly Dementia friendly screening. This month’s film was Downton Abbey. It was torrential rain when we got out of the taxi, luckily Vicky had brought the rain mates so that our lovely hair do’s didn’t get ruined! We had a warm welcome from the lovely staff. We were the first ones there and a couple of us said that we were peckish so Vicky bought some popcorn and shared it out into disposable cups for us (Next time she might get us some from Poundland instead! £££) We enjoyed the film from start to finish and was commenting and laughing all the way through. The session had more visitors than we had ever seen before, some of the time we have the cinema to ourselves. We enjoyed a picnic lunch afterword’s in the café section. The staff always reserve us a table and brings us hot drinks which are included in the price. Next months film is called Judy, which is about Judy Garland, so we think that one will be popular with the residents!