Jesus Centre Teadance

We have a wonderful time at the Jesus Centre Tea Dance today. We had Alan Turner come to sing for us who was an X Factor semi-finalist a few years ago. He sang music through the ages, that was very upbeat, and all our residents were full of energy! we had to put chairs behind some of them so that they could collapse into them when they had been dancing. Alan also brought a projector with him that was showing who the original singers of each song were. We enjoyed having Twelve Trees and Ascot Lodge care homes. We had some family and friends join us which was lovely. We enjoyed cream teas that Mark provided from the café. Vicky did a raffle. The prizes were: a backpack, a large box of chocolates and two-story books. As always thank you to everyone who came and to all the volunteers and helpers that supported Vicky today. There won’t be a tea dance in October, so the next one will be in November