Mocktail making – 26.6.22

This morning we had a mocktail making session with Vicky. We kept it simple, so that our residents wouldn’t have to use electric blenders or juicers. First, we chose our drinking vessel, we had a choice between a cocktail glass, a pineapple cup or coconut cup. Then we were asked if we wanted to sample anything. Most had never tried coconut water, so we had a little sip of that to see what we think. Then we took it in turns at inventing, and mixing our own cocktails. We could choose fresh strawberries, sliced orang or sliced lemon, and then if we wanted a bit of fizz, we could choose either lemonade or ginger as a base followed by whichever fruit juices we thought might mix well. When we did this in the conservatory, we each sampled each other’s concoction. Even the staff joined in. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this! I have said that we could possibly do tasting fruit from around the  world, which everyone seemed very keen to do!