In-house church

This morning we had an in-house church service with Vicky in the conservatory and a mini service in the dining room. We started by taking it in turns at saying how we are feeling today, everyone was happy and cheerful, which was lovely to see! We followed with singing All things bright and beautiful. Vicky read out a paragraph on God’s faithfulness, which was really good. We then all said the Lord’s prayer together. We took it in turns at telling each other if our parents were “religious”, if we went to school or Sunday school as children, or went to a Christian/Catholic school, and then if we went to church as adults etc. Next time we will discuss whether on not we were christened or baptised or neither. We sung another hymn, then took in turns to read out scriptures and positive quotes. And then ended on two last songs, before refreshments. Next time Vicky is going to try and do just one big service, and make time for individual prayer.