Care home Olympics –Week 4

This afternoon we partook in care home Olympics. This week’s category is assisted movements and laps of the care home. Vicky did bicep curls and leg raises with those that can’t do this by themselves. We didn’t get photos of this, for the sake of dignity. Afterwards we did laps of the corridors with our walking aids and had a little sing together. Some of us were pushed in wheelchairs. This afternoon went very quickly! Tomorrow we are handing in our points. Vicky is going to do an award ceremony. Everyone that got involved will receive a plastic medal. Then the resident with the most points will get a gold medal, the resident with the 2nd most points will get silver medal and the resident with the third most points will get a bronze medal.  Vicky will then add up the staff points and award a medal to the staff member that has done the most exercises (Excluding Vicky because she will have done the most, due to running each session twice) We have been raising money for Brain tumour research too. Thank you for the few that have made donations to our just giving page!