St Georges Day

This morning We did various St Georges day activities. We started with a game called slay the dragon. We previously made a paper mâché dragon, which Vicky turned into a pinata. We couldn’t stop laughing when Vicky showed us the finished product, it looked more like a pregnant pig, we were howling with laughter! Vicky bought a toy sword from Poundland (No expense spared) and took it in turns at blind folding us and letting us try and slay the dragon. No body managed it, so we let the staff have a go. Debbie managed to decapitate the dragon and then impaled it. We managed to get all of the chocolates out and hand them around. We had such a laugh with this. Afterword’s Vicky did a very difficult St Georges day quiz with us, which Edith and Pam won, getting 5 out of 10 questions correct, Olga was the runner up with 4 out of 5 correct answers. Have a go and see how many you get right! Vicky played the song, Jerusalem and sang it with us, this made a couple of residents emotional, as they used to sing it in school assembly. We also did some word searches, Crosswords, colouring, anagrams, and read facts about St Georges Day. We also hung up the bunting that we made last week. Edith gave Vicky a hug and thanked her for always doing enjoyable things with us, which made Vicky’s day.