This morning we were scheduled for a baking session with Vicky. As it is only just over a week until Easter, Vicky decided that it would be good to try birds nest buns, which are similar to cornflake buns, except made with Shredded wheat. We started by scrunching up a brick of Shredded wheat each in a little bowl. We then tipped them into the pre melted chocolate, and took it in turns at mixing it all together. We then put some bun cases into the tins, whilst Vicky divided the mixture into our bowls for us. We then scooped the mixture into the bun cases. Vicky made little wells in the middle of them all, so that we could place some mini eggs in the middle to look like birds’ nests. We all got to lick our spoons at the end, as we were salivated at the smell of the melted chocolate! We look forward to eating them at 3pm when the afternoon tea trolly comes round!