Lost Chord – 26th September 2017

Lost Chord 2


We had a visit from Sonia and Roy, otherwise known as Melody Lane. They are UK’s top multi instrumental, vocal harmony double act, based in Doncaster and they were excellent. 


We thoroughly enjoyed their performance and interaction and many of us asked them to come back again. They sang, played flutes, penny whistles, clarinets and Ukulele for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the hour and it went by too fast!!! We had lots of willing dancers today including Pam, Norah, Olga, Margaret Wild, and even Susan impressed them with her tap dancing! Many were dancing in their seats, clapping and tapping their feet to the music. Good to have Nicky, a volunteer for Lost Chord, who helped us get people on their feet. 

Lost Chord 2  Lost Chord 3

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