Memory Café at the Jesus Centre – 13th March 2017

Memory Cafe 13.3.17

Diamond Club fun and games with Tracy, Lillian, Rita and Chrissie leading the party. Great to have Margaret come out to the Parlour Cafe, for the first time!! It was a lovely sunny day out


Making the most of the weather Florence, Lillie and Anne walked round and Taz took Janet in a wheelchair. They all enjoyed the exercise and fresh air. A couple of students from the University asked to come and interview us so we were more than happy to chat to Josh and Louis about the sort of exercise we enjoy and what we get out of coming to the Memory Cafe. Mark made us a lovely cheesecake to have with our cups of tea and coffee. Great time!!

Memory Cafe 13.3.17  Memory Cafe 13.3.17 2

Memory Cafe 13.3.17 5  Memory Cafe 13.3.17 4