Godly Play 2 – 17th March 2017

Godly Play 17.3.17 2

We held our second Godly Play session for March in the downstairs lounge and 14 people attended and were enthralled by Kathryn’s story telling techniques. 


She shared on seven pictures of Jesus portraying his birth, life, death and resurrection. A few commented on the story and enjoyed the response time afterwards. We also had a great “feast time” with home-made cake, tea and coffee. This is the last one in the series and Tracy will be doing the training herself shortly and will be carrying on with the Godly Play sessions, with the help of Jane.

Godly Play 17.3.17 2  Godly Play 17.3.17

Godly Play 17.3.17 5  Godly Play 17.3.17 3