Wishing well initiative – 24.5.22

We have started our wishing well initiative, which is like a bucket list for our residents. We are asking each resident what their one wish is. This can be something that they would love to do, somewhere they would love to go, or do something that they haven’t done for a while. We started this at the beginning of lockdown, so we have been eagerly awaiting the go ahead for two years!

Our first wish was granted this morning for Edith. For two years, she has been dreaming of going swimming again. She was the swim captain at school. Our activities team co-ordinated with Zeezy, from Motion, who then contacted Ponds Forge for us, and got the ball rolling. We were greeted by the lovely Motion team, along with some of the Ponds Forge staff. When Edith was ready and changed, she was lowered into the heated pool, by hoist. We thought that she would need to get her confidence a bit, by holding on, but she was off swimming, as soon as she was in the water! She was in her element! She said that she felt at home in the water, and couldn’t stop thanking us. She even had her own lifeguard, which she thoroughly enjoyed! Afterwards we enjoyed some refreshments whilst watching the English Olympic diving team, and children’s Pentathlon. Thank you to everyone who made this possible for us! Our cheeks are aching from smiling!