Home from home – 4.5.22

This morning we had a Home from home session. We try to do this at least once a month. These sessions are usually meaningful activities, and or “chores” that the residents would have perhaps done back in their day. Quite often our more able residents ask if there is anything that they can do to help, in order to feel useful, on a daily basis, so we let them set the table, fold the napkins etc. In our sessions we have done things like ironing, pairing socks, polishing brass, polishing shoes, cleaning, dusting, watering plants, washing baby bottles, and helping find the correct CD cases for CD’s. We have had some fantastic discussions and reminiscing going on this morning! Vicky had us laughing, by telling us about her failed first attempt at making Christmas dinner! (As always, we are open to suggestions, if anyone thinks of anything else that they may enjoy) We aim set up a small area in garden for pegging out washing. As many of us enjoy and miss doing this.