Sports Day – Afternoon session – 3.9.21

Today was our annual sports day. Ran by the Motion team. Thankfully the weather was a little better than it was this morning, so more residents wanted to get involved. The afternoon session was mostly seated exercise and games, but as some more able-bodied residents joined it, we adapted to allow for both. We did warm ups and chair exercise using the pom poms, played bean bag toss, football, ring toss, mini basketball, skittles, egg and spoon race, archery, and rowing machine. Everyone had such fun. We had some much-needed fresh fruit and drinks at half time. We ended with an award ceremony. Our 3rd place Bronze medallist, was John U, Our 2nd place, Silver medallist, was Olive, and our 1st place, Gold medallist, was Stephen. They all were pleased as punch, to receive their medals. Vicky’s favourite part was seeing how much everyone’s age fell away and they reverted back to youth and just was in the moment and having fun. Next year we hope to have it at the beginning of summer, with friends and family joining in and staff races!