Care home Olympics

This morning was the beginning of week 3 for our care home Olympics. This weeks challenges are catching a ball, and putting a ball through a hoop. Vicky did this to cater for all levels of ability, using different sized hoops and different sized balls, and altered the distance accordingly, to make it fair for everyone involved. We had a great time playing catch with the beach ball, trying to get the beachball through the hoola-hoop, and lastly mini basketball. This week’s challenges are more inclusive, therefore more people were able to join in. Later on, this week, Sonia is going to do the Bonus challenge to earn us 20 extra points, which is running on the spot for 5 minutes! We are really proud of everyone for getting involved. Thank you for those of you that have donated to our Just giving page, to raise money for brain cancer research! We have raised 25% of our target already, just with 4 people! We are very grateful even if you can only spare £1, it all helps!