Painting miniature bird houses

This afternoon we did some painting of miniature bird houses with Vicky. We did a session in the dining room, and a session in the garden. When Vicky ordered these, she didn’t realise just how small they were going to be, so in the end, we decided that they were more for decoration. The first session, we used poster paints, but they needed lots of coats of paint as it was just soaking in. In the second session, we used acrylic paint, and because we were in the sunshine, it was drying immediately which was helpful. We had a giggle because Vicky was whistling some tunes and we all tried to whistle, but we couldn’t do it, so Vicky got us to do it again but was whistling behind her mask, and convinced us that we could do it, and then when we realised we were laughing hysterically.