Sand fun

This afternoon we had two sessions of sand fun. One with regular sand, in the dining room, and one with modelling sand, in the conservatory. In the dining room Vicky set up the regular sand and asked us if we would help her to find as many shells as we could. In the conservatory, Vicky introduced us to modelling sand, and we absolutely loved it! It is so satisfying, no mess, easy to clear away, shapes really nice, and well, fun! We tried all of the different sand moulds with it and had some great chats about our childhood holidays, camping, caravanning etc. Afterwards Vicky played catch with us, with the beachball and we had a fab time. We tried to help Vicky deflate the beachball and shark, and they didn’t want to comply, then Vicky pointed out that we weren’t squeezing the valves to let out the air. We were hysterical because when we were packing away, Vicky showed us the box that the modelling sand came in and it says, improves intelligence, Vicky said “I want a refund!” We were howling with laughter!