Making confectionary

This morning’s agenda was baking/confectionary making. Vicky wanted us to have a go at making coconut ice, as a few of us had been chatting about it previously. Vicky got it all ready for us, while we were eating our breakfast. The first session was in the dining room. The second session was in the conservatory. We started by adding condensed milk to icing sugar, and mixing it together. After it was combined, we added the coconut, in stages. At this point it gets quite stiff, so you have to give it some welly! We added a bit more icing sugar, as it was quite sticky. When we could make it into a ball, we divided it into two batches, and kneaded pink food colouring in to one half. Then we made them into rectangles and placed them on top of one another. The last part was to roll them together and let them set for three hours before cutting into squares. At 2:30 Vicky is going to use a sharp knife to cut them into squares for us, so that we can enjoy them with our 3pm cups of tea and coffee. If we make these again, Vicky will quadruple the recipe, as it doesn’t make much.