In-house church

Today is International Dawn Chorus, so as soon as Vicky arrived at the care home she put on RSPB on YouTube, so that we could hear the Livestream of the Dawn chorus. After breakfast Vicky did an in-house church service with us in the quiet lounge. We started with handing around tambourines and maracas, and we sang a lively song to wake us all up. We sang this little Light of mine, then Vicky spoke about what she feels it means in practice to let our light shine or let Jesus’s light shine through us. Afterwards Vicky went around and asked us all individually what we think it means to us to let our light shine. We had a fab conversation about our attitude, our words and actions and how it affects other people’s day. We had some great examples how one word or attitude can affect the rest of our day, and that we don’t always feel peaceful, kind, or loving, sometimes we have to dig deep, take deep breaths or pray in our head. Vicky read a couple of scriptures and then lead us in prayer. We took it I turn at reading out upbuilding scriptures and quotes. We said the Lord’s prayer together, sang another few song and then Vicky went around and asked us what we wanted her to pray about. Edith said a thank you to Vicky afterward and got everyone to clap, and that she felt more uplifted and positive, which was lovely to hear.