Sing along session followed by one-to-one time

This morning Vicky led a sing along session in the main lounge. We started with the song sheets, which contain short war time songs, and then progressed to the song books, which have longer songs in and are very popular with our younger residents. After the sing along Vicky spent one to one time with people who were in their rooms or those that didn’t attend the sing-along. Vicky looked at “The little book of garden bird songs” and “The little book of woodland bird song” with George and Stephen, Janet, Mary, Mildred and Olga. Birdsong is Vicky’s favourite sound in the worls, so she enjoyed this just as much as the residents did! Eve sat with Vicky and had a look through her treasure trove of old medals and badges, from various trips plus the ones from the women’s voluntary sector. Vicky sat and looked at Gwyneth’s new scrapbook with her, which she really enjoyed, and learned all about the many places that she had travelled to.