Home from home

Vicky has started doing a session called Home from home. Where we will be having a go at activities that are meaningful and familiar to us. We aim to do this once a month at least. Today we did ironing. Vicky brought in an old travel iron and hot water bottle, (obviously we can’t plug it in due to health and safety). We did lots of reminiscing, especially with the ladies in the conservatory. We talked about playing out and skipping, what songs we used to sing etc. Our residents are often saying things like “What can we do to be helpful?”, so it’s great to give them a sense purpose. Other things we will be doing is, washing up, washing baby bottles, folding laundry, pairing socks, polishing brass ornaments (When the charity shops reopen), pegging out washing. If you think of any other ideas please let us know, particularly for the fellas!