Sewing, weaving, and threading – 03.03.2021

This morning Vicky and Sonia organised a sewing, weaving and threading session for us. In the conservatory Edith, Eve, Margaret, Olga and Olive all had a go at sewing and weaving and managed to do some lovely patterns. In the big lounge it was Penny, John, Jenny, Margaret, Mary, Pam and Susan who all joined in and had a great time trying to create some nice works of art. We also had a great time today playing with our glove doggie which said hi and gave a kiss to everyone. This always puts a big and happy smile on our faces. After that Penny asked to bring her some snow drops from garden and then her and Edith decided to plant them in a flower pot which made them so happy. At the end we all enjoyed a hot drink and some biscuits.