Pampering and massage

Today Helen went round each resident in turn, asking who they would like some pampering or some massage. Pampering could be whatever each resident wanted, with a facial cleanse and moisturise and some make up, or a bit of a hand with having a shave. With the massage, some of this was just for relaxation, such as hand massage or gentle scalp and face massage and this is always popular. Some of it had a more therapeutic purpose though, with a few people having massage for pain in certain areas. It was a good opportunity to spend one to one time with individual residents and a lot of people enjoyed this today. At the same time, we had a Royal Variety Performance from 1979 on in the lounge and this was enjoyed by many who remembered the people involved. It was a talking point on and off through the day. There are not many photographs of the massage, because it is obviously difficult to do this and take photographs it at the same time! Mary, as the cover picture, decided that she was beautiful enough just as she was and who could disagree with her!