Janet’s Birthday party

Today we had Claire from Razzle dazzle come and sing for us outside the lounge window, to help celebrate Janet’s 78th birthday. She sang a great assortment of songs, from 40’s upwards so we had something for everyone. Claire was flirting with the fella’s and making them blush! We had lots of boogying going on, whether on foot or in seats, as well as clapping and swaying. Just as we were about to bring out the cake and bring things to a close, the heavens opened, so we had to have an abrupt finish, scramble to protect the electrical equipment. We still sang to Janet and brought out the delicious cake that Kirsty lovingly baked for her. Thank you to the staff that joined in and helped to make the afternoon even more special. We were also glad to have our newest resident Peggy join us. Janet was in a very serious mood but I managed to get a chuckle out of her.