A Gift For You

You have all been so generous with gifts for the Home, with a little assistance we have made something for you.
In a lovely and extremely generous gesture, Lindy from @child’splay sent us 25 plates and paints. She asked us to make hand prints or finger prints on the plates and ask the resident for a message to a loved one. This was brilliant fun (extremely messy too!)
She then collected the plates and turned them into amazing works of art, they are absolutely stunning, from rainbows to flowers and handprints to peacocks, Lindy worked wonders with every plate and painted on messages to loved ones as well.
We are extremely grateful for her generous gift of not only the plates, but her time too
Thank you so much Lindy, we are so appreciative
We are sure that you all agree the plates look absolutely stunning, if you have a visit booked we will leave the plate for you in your side of the tent