Jesus Centre Teadance

Today we enjoyed going to the Tea Dance that Vicky runs at the Sheffield Jesus Centre. We had a quality over quantity session, as a lot of activity co-ordinators are on holiday. Our regular singer Heather entertained us with her beautiful voice and gorgeous dress! Our new day care visitor Roy sang us some Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin on the microphone which we all enjoyed. Everyone had a dance at one point whether on their feet or in their wheelchair. In the interval we enjoyed refreshments and chatting together. Vicky did a raffle. We had five prizes. Roy won a Cat’s cradle set, Olga won a Baileys gift set, Marjory won a Steamboat Willy plush, Peggy won an Easter egg and Connie won a jigsaw. As always thank you to our volunteers Steve, Krystal and Rita for helping out, we couldn’t do it without you! We enjoyed having some resident’s families join us, Richard and Rosie, Alysia and Martin and our friends Peggy and Ruth, and of course Tracy and Ian. We look forward to our next one on Thursday 26th March.