Wentworth Garden Centre

We had an enjoyable trip out to Wentworth garden centre with Vicky and Hellen. We had Krystal volunteering and Marion’s daughter Jill join us which was lovely. We travelled by SCT minibus and had the lovely Julia drive us there and back. We took Connie, Tricia, Olga and Marion with us. We had a look around the gift shop, there were some beautiful decorations, displays and ornaments! Afterwards we had a look around the pet shop together which we enjoyed. We paid to look around the animal farm, where we had such a laugh together.  Vicky was pretending to take a selfie with the lama and it blew in her ear and made her jump out of her skin, which made us all belly laugh. We had a picnic lunch in the party room. We ended with a hot cuppa and a look at the ice rink before setting off back. We didn’t look around the gardens on this occasion as it was raining and very muddy. Vicky will most likely be doing this trip again in spring/summer if anyone is interested in coming along?