Memory Cafe

We had a lovely time at the Memory Cafe today and were able to take Roy and Pam C in wheelchair and Olga and Elsie by car. We were very grateful for all the help and support from our trusty volunteers – Ann, Rita, Philippa, Ruth, Betty, Peggy and Lillian. We had fun looking in a reminiscence bag containing brasses and dusters, a posser (used for washing in the past), old food tins and other memorabilia. Pam and Elsie loved the puppets and Olga polished the brasses. It was Betty’s birthday recently so Tracy baked a chocolate cake for her and we sang to her and shared it for our dessert. We had our usual guitar sing-a-long (Olga harmonising beautifully) before heading back in the rain (an umbrella for each wheelchair came in very handy).