Irish Tea Dance

We had a fantastic time at the Irish Tea Dance, (which is held at the Philadelphia club on the second Wednesday of the month). Win’s son Steve took Vicky, Nicole and Win in the car. The singer today was called John McEwen and he had a great voice, singing all of the Irish favorites. We played bingo together and partook in the raffle. We won one of the raffle prizes, which was a pack of Bakewell tarts, so they will be chopped up and shared at the home at tea time. The buffet lunch was lovely. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. One lady called Maureen recognized Win from the sequence dance classes at Victoria Hall and asked her to have a dance with her. Maureen also tried to teach Vicky how to Waltz. We did lots of dancing and socializing. We saw Margaret Pashley’s friends there who know her from St Marie’s and they were asking about her, but unfortunately, she decided not to come this time. The event ended, as usual. with Mary singing the Irish National Anthem, which was very moving.