Lost Chord

We had another fabulous Lost Chord session this month with Grace (singing), and Zhao on keyboard. We also had two very lively volunteers, Gill and Pete, who encouraged many of the residents to dance, including Olga, Elsie, Pippa, Susan, Win and Norah. What an amazing atmosphere. Florence woke up briefly so we could sing “Happy Birthday” to her. She liked the cake very much. We’ve never had such an interactive session, with the performers and volunteers making a real effort to learn everyone’s names. Grace sang a song in Latin (Carmen) for Olga to sing with her, plus the usual “Edelweiss” (Olga’s favourite). Grace sang a song in French to Nicole and “Ave Maria” to Mary. When Grace discovered that Win used to be a dance teacher she was very keen to dance a tango with her, which made Win very happy indeed..