Memory Cafe

We had another enjoyable Memory Cafe event at the Jesus Centre today. It was good to have Pamela’s Crossland’s friend, Ann, join us for the first time. 14 of us altogether and we had the cafe all to ourselves. As usual, we played the ever-popular Alphabet Game. Margaret Saunders won, which made her very happy. Pamela and Olga particularly enjoyed the singing event at the end. Olga found it helpful to sit next to Tracy on the settee, so she could hear Tracy more clearly on the guitar. She sang every song, beautifully. Norah was pleased to read one of the Pictures to Share books out loud to everyone and played with the puppets. Ruth brought a photo album for us all to peruse and we found the well dressing photos particularly interesting. Margaret Pashley and Marion both enjoyed looking at the black and white photos, reminiscing and found the meal very tasty.