Memory Cafe

We had a fantastic Memory Cafe today with all those walking or being pushed in wheelchairs thoroughly enjoying the sunny, warm weather. Great to have our usual volunteers there plus a new couple, Charlotte and Ian, who arrived near the end of the session to check us out. During the guitar sing-a-long, we soon found out Ian had a fabulous, strong voice and we asked him to do a Tom Jones impersonation whilst we all sang Delilah. Olga sang a solo, Edelweiss, one of her favourite songs and everyone cheered and clapped. Pamela won the Alphabet Game which was all about towns and cities in England today. Many did very well at this game, including Roy, Olga, Marion Peck and Peggy and this brought back lots of happy memories. It was great to have Betty’s new dog, Ebony, there and many were delighted to pet and stroke her.