Weekend Walks around Broomhall

This weekend, Marjory travelled in a wheelchair with Tracy and Nicole walking alongside her to the local allotment. Tracy talked to Nicole about Marjory’s family and how she used to grow her own fruit and veg and make her own job and she said “yes” a few times and laughed. Nicole was very impressed. It was good to pick a few wild flowers and look at these up close and look at all the different fruit and veg growing in the allotment plots. Margaret Seal enjoyed a wheel round Broomhall and a visit to the local allotments. Margaret Pashley walked with her frame and enjoyed the exercise. We looked at the different fruit growing and took a sample of a raspberry that was sticking out of the fence. Both Margaret’s reminisced about their husbands who were keen gardeners. Tracy started watering the plants in the front and back gardens and Margaret and Norah offered to help and really enjoyed this. Norah enjoyed her weekly trip to the local shop for her Take A Break magazine.