Millenium Galleries

We had a very enjoyable trip out to the Millennium Galleries with Vicky and Helen. We travelled by SCT minibus. We had Marion Peck and her daughter Heather, Elsie, Olga, Sydney, Helen Vicky and Alex. We met Valerie Loft and her daughter in law Yo there. We started by having a look around the Winter Gardens, at the flowers, trees and sculptures. We enjoyed refreshments and socialising with other residents, staff and volunteers. There were also school children there who we enjoyed talking with. There were artifacts on each table for us to look at, draw and discuss, which lead to lots of reminiscing. We had a look around all of the galleries, including the Leonardo Da Vinci gallery, the Ruskin’s gallery and a multi-sensory gallery. I think we enjoyed the Ruskin’s gallery the most, looking at all of the old dinner services and artifacts that were made in Sheffield.