Little Acorns Toddler Group- 8th April 2019

We had a special toddler group session this week. Vicky invited Ruth from FunDrum to come and do a session for us. The session that Ruth did with us was weather themed. We started with a bit of free play, to allow time for people to arrive. We had five children and three parents attend the session. The residents who were present were Janet, Tricia R, Olga, Margaret P, Susan, Elsie, Wendy and our friend Peggy. The session was so fun and suitable for all ages, we think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids if not more! We used shakers, drums and various other instruments to use in time to the songs or games. We had coloured material to dance with and we even had some animal hats and various props. Everyone did fantastic in terms of participation. We hope to have Ruth visit us gain in the future.