Cycling without Age – 27th March 2019

We had a very enjoyable trip to Western Park with Vicky and Rita. We took part in Cycling without age, which was a wonderful free event put on by volunteers. One of our residents-Tricia used to be a keen cyclist, as are her children, so she was very enthusiastic about it. We all had a go, it was very relaxing and invigorating! it felt like we were in a chariot! It was lovely to feel the wind blowing through our hair as though we were riding an actual bike. Susan had two goes, she enjoyed it that much! The participants were Susan, Norah, Tricia R and Sheila. We also had Tricia’s daughter in law join us which was great! (Later on, Val also went with her daughter) It was quite a cold day, so we went into the museum café for a hot drink and to warm up. Vicky did a radio interview about the event! Thankfully the sun came out so We had a walk back out to the park and listened to the music that was playing in the bandstand. We all had a dance or clapped along with the beat. The second lot of musicians were an African choir and Susan decided that she wanted to join in with the dancing, so Vicky followed her onto the bandstand and they both joined in with the dance moves.  We chatted to lots of other visitors which was lovely.