The Moor Christmas Party 18th November 2018

Vicky and Becky asked a few ladies if they wanted to go to the moor Christmas party and both Florence and Marion were keen to go. We enjoyed the mild weather and seeing all the people of all ages in town. Marion particularly enjoyed seeing all the children with the light up toys,  so Vicky bought her one of her own, which she enjoyed. We saw some animals, watched a man on stilts make balloon animals, listened to a brass band and sang along to some Christmas carols. We got “snowed on” and Florence even got to meet Father Christmas and have a very amusing exchange of conversation with him! We went to Costa for hot drinks and shared some fruit cake and enjoyed chatting with one another. Marion had a go on hook a duck and won a ball on a spring. We had our picture taken with elves, watched children on rides and saw the Christmas tree lights switched on. It was such a joy to see the excitement on Florence and Marion’s faces throughout the trip out! Florence couldn’t believe all the changes that had taken place in town, since she was last there.