Dancing with Dignity 17th October 2018

Vicky and Rita took us to the Farm Rd Social Club tea dance that was arranged by Twelve Trees care home to celebrate dancing with dignity week. There were quite a few other care homes there too which was nice. We made lots of new friends! We had a buffet lunch and drinks from the bar. We watched two young girls doing Bollywood dancing and Olga and Susan even had a go at it with Vicky! we donated four bath sets which were used as raffle prizes. Paul Barrie came to sing for us, which we really enjoyed. We all had a dance, whether in our seats or on the dance floor. We found this very valuable, not just because we enjoyed it but for the social aspect of it and making connections across other homes! Vicky left an invitation on each table to our next tea dance with the hopes that some care homes will come and support us.