The Never Grow Up – (Grow Older) Picnic and Family Event

We had a lovely time aided by the warm sunshine in Worrall Parish Church grounds, for the Never Grow up Event. Throughout the afternoon we enjoyed watching the children at play and families enjoying the activities, of which there seem to be so many. We loved the fancy dress, and watching the horses offering ‘pony rides’ and our friend Lucy with the animals, Trisha held a ‘Corn snake’ – very brave!  Olga had the surprise seeing her Grandson and Great grandson, who came to see her at the event and they had their picnic lunch with us. Marion requested a ‘toasted marshmallow’, and Margaret Seal enjoyed eating it!  It was amazing to find out that three of us had a love of horse riding, if only we could we would have saddled up and trotted round the field. (Marion P, Trisha and Jo). Our afternoon finished with afternoon tea, coffee and cake, prior to returning home!  Margaret P asked if this was something we could do again…



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