Godly Play –24th August 2018

Today we had a lovely session with Vicky leading us in song on the guitar and Jo delivering The Creation Story with a ‘sweet’ twist!

A pictorial telling of the Creation Story – (Genesis 1 v 1-37) Following the story we reflected on the day we liked best. For the response time Jo handed out carboard people for us to draw on, colour, and ‘give personalities to’, which some of us did in pairs and some of us worked alone. Jo brought along the ‘Jelly Baby Story’ – from 1864 Lancashire – to post war Sheffield. Bassett’s, a Christian family, took over making the sweets in a local factory – Using Jesus they decided to share the love of God by adding symbol as a reminder to our faith. The whole event was made sweeter by the tasting and looking for the symbols! We ended by enjoying hot drinks and mini cupcakes.