Father’s Day Tea Party and Charity Bake off Competition – 17th June 2018

Father’s Day tea party and charity Bake off competition

Father’s Day was a busy day at the Hallamshire care home! It was Deborah’s birthday, so we made a fuss of her.

Carley and her sister did a 5K charity run to raise money for Cancer Research and came in to celebrate with us afterwards. We had a Bake-off cake competition to raise money for Cancer Research. The Bake off was very successful, with 9 participants altogether, who paid £2 to enter. Richard, our chef and Vicky, one of our activities co-ordinators, were the judges, who taste tested every cake and judged them on taste, appearance and consistency. Rita, one of our volunteers won 1st prize for her raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. Beckie, one of our carers, won 2nd prize for her red velvet cake. Ursula won 3rd prize for her carrot cake, and Betty was the runner up for her gluten free chocolate cake, which neither Vicky or Richard could believe was gluten free! After the competition, Vicky and the staff served slices of cake and hot drinks to the residents and guests in china cups and saucers. Vicky put together a Father’s Day quiz, which was admittedly very difficult! Arthur’s relatives won 1st prize, a box of Black Magic chocolates and Mary Murphy and her daughter Julie, won 2nd prize, seashell chocolates. Thank you to everyone who attended, baked/bought cakes, or donated money/sponsored Carley. It wouldn’t be the same without you!