Oaks & Acorns Toddler Group – 17th May 2018

Oaks Acorns 17.5.18

We had a fabulous session with the Oaks and Acorns toddler group today. We had four mums turn up with their babies and toddlers. 

The residents who chose to join in with the session were Marion P, Peggy, Anne, Sheila, Olga, Norah and Susan. We had lots of interactive playing between the residents and children which was lovely to see. We had a sing along session and also a craft session where the children made cut out daisy chains together and then coloured them in. We ended with snack time and chatting.


Oaks Acorns 17.5.18 Oaks Acorns 17.5.18 2

Oaks Acorns 17.5.18 4

 Oaks Acorns 17.5.18 5