Marion and Sidney’s birthday – 14th May 2018


A lady vocalist called Donna Bell came and helped us to celebrate the birthdays of Stuart and Marion Peck. We also had Betty here with Willow the P.A.T dog. 

We had lots of residents up dancing, singing, clapping or tapping their feet to the music. It was a wonderful atmosphere. We sang Happy Birthday to Marion and Stuart. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get Stuart to come in to the lounge and in the end he went to his room but he knew it was for him and heard us singing to him. After the singer went, we enjoyed the lovely lemon cake which was made by Tracy and enjoyed with a cup of tea. Sidney ventured back into the lounge and Vicky read his birthday card to him and we all sang happy birthday to him again. Kelly brought him a beer and a slice of birthday cake and he was very happy and smiling from ear to ear.


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