Little Acorns – 30th April 2018

Acorns 1

We had a wonderful toddler group today which Vicky lead. We had three mothers and five children join us altogether which was wonderful!

We had some free play to begin with whilst listening to a nursery rhyme C.d, to help the parents and children get to know each other and feel at ease. Vicky laid some puppets and teddy bears and colouring sheets and crayons on the foam mats and some of the children brought some of their own toys. Vicky brought in a reborn doll that she bought for the residents to enjoy. Norah, Susan and Sheila particularly loved this but it was very popular with everyone. Vicky asked the residents what nursery rhymes they know and remember and then handed around the musical instruments to the residents and children. We all sang nursery rhymes together and the mums and children taught us a couple that we didn’t know. After song time Tracy and the staff surprised Vicky by singing Happy Birthday and presented her with a card and a beautiful lemon cake that Tracy had made her with a big 40 on top. Tracy put a slide show on the T.V screen with photos of Vicky whilst working here and some childhood photo’s which we pinched from Facebook. We enjoyed a piece of cake and a hot drink and some fruit salad and some cookies that one of the mums brought in for us to share. After snack time Vicky started a game of musical statues with the children and when the music stopped she would shout out a name of an animal and the children had to pretend to be that animal. The parents and children were enjoying it that much that we ran over time. A good sign I guess!

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