Oaks and Acorns – 26th April 2018

Oaks Acorns 26.4 2

We had a good turnout for this week’s Oaks and Acorns session. We had four mums and four children

The residents who attended this session was Sue, Florence, Sheila, Margaret P, Olga, Norah and Anne. We also had a guest appearance from the lovely Carrie Twist who brought along a record player and some reminiscence objects for us to enjoy. We had a time of chatting and playing with the mums and children whilst we listened to music from the record player and then we had a sing along time where we sang children’s songs together, some new and some old ones. We finished with snack time. Was lovely to have Peggy come and visit with us today.


Oaks Acorns 26.4 2 Oaks Acorns 26.4 1

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