Oaks and Acorns Toddler – 12th April 2018

Oaks Acorns 2

We had our fortnightly visit from the toddler group. There were three parents and five children in total this time including baby Jasper. 

The residents that attended the session were Arthur, Olga, Peggy, Norah, Susan, Florence, Margaret P and a new friend who is visiting us called Ruby. Everyone who was present, including staff really enjoyed this session. We had lots of interaction between residents and the children, whether playing with play dough, doing jigsaws, playing picture Bingo or just playing with toys together. We had a singing session together where we sang popular children’s songs. We did a craft activity where we decorated Easter egg shaped cards and threaded ribbon through so that we could hang them up. Rachel hid some chocolate eggs and little fluffy chicks around the room and did an Easter egg hunt with the children, who then shared the chocolate eggs with the residents.

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