Ponds Forge Tea Dance 29th March 2018

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Vicky and Mihaela took a small group of us to the Ponds Forge Tea Dance. We had Ursula Arthur and his Granddaughters, Steve and Win, Peggy, Betty and Willow , Mary and Julie and Lillie. 

We travelled in the cars of relatives. When we arrived, we sat and ate our picnic lunch which was prepared for us by Richard. Steve Grey sang for us even though he was very poorly! In the interval we had hot drinks and scones and enjoyed chatting together. We enjoyed socialising and dancing with some of the regulars that we have become friends with. All of our residents had a dance except Winnie who wasn’t feeling too well. Lillie surprised us by boogying away with lots of energy which was lovely to see as she has been a little quiet recently .

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