Oaks & Acorns – 8th March 2018

Oaks Acorns 8.3.18

This session was a little bit different to our usual toddler group visit because there were road works wagons blocking the entrance to the car park so a few mums that sadly couldn’t find anywhere to park were turning back and going home

This meant that it was only Rachel and her little girl Esther there. The residents who stayed for the session were Margaret P, Anne, Olga, Sydney, and Arthur. It was a shame in one way but also a blessing in another because later on a lady called Katie came with her one-month old baby and it turns out that she is a relation of Olga Kemplen! Olga’s cousin was Katie’s grandmother. Vicky brought in Olga’s photo album, so they could both look at it together and look for photos of people they both knew.

Oaks Acorns 8.3.18 Oaks Acorns 8.3.18 2

Oaks Acorns 8.3.18 3  Oaks Acorns 8.3.18 4