Old Horns Inn Christmas Meal – 11th December 2017

Old Horns 2

30 of us enjoyed our drive out to the Old Horns Inn at High Bradfield for our Christmas meal. Most of us travelled via SCT minibus and the rest went in taxis or cars with family members. 

Thought we might need to cancel because of the snow but we were blessed with a dry and sunny day and a clear road. It was lovely to look at the snowy countryside on the way there and back. The meal was very tasty and the staff at the Old Horns were brilliant. Great to have so many staff and family members join us. Many thanks for your continued support with these outings, giving them an extra special family feel. Wonderful!!

Old Horns 2  Old Horns Inn 11.12.17

Old Horns 4  Old Horns 5